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  • Increase immunity

  • Improve blood flow

  • More Energy

  • Eye dysfunctions



What is the connection between light and the function of the autonomic nervous system?

When the autonomic nervous system is not in balance, it leads to physical and / or emotional problems. Light that enters through the retina and the optic nerve reaches the visual cortex and stimulates the HYPOTHALAMUS, the "brain of the brain". The hypothalamus directs the autonomic nervous system, the epiphysis, the pituitary gland, the limbic system and the like.The absorption of light can be reduced because the optic nerve is blocked and therefore transmits too few electrical stimuli. (This can be confirmed by the field of view measurement).What is the cause of light deficiency?General: due to too little sunlight and too much artificial light. More specifically: by stress, trauma (e.g. birth trauma, whiplash, head injuries), anesthesia, etc.


  • Chronic disease


  • Lyme


  • gezondheid

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