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From intake to treatment
The first interview:
Intake interview

Your first visit to the doctor will be an intake interview based on the intake form that you have completed, which you received by mail prior to your first visit, as well as various other information items from you such as:

  • Information from relevant medical examinations that you have sent to us on request by email

  • A recent medication overview from the pharmacy

  • An overview of the other supplements that you are currently using.

Since laboratory examinations are crucial for discovering the underlying causes of complaints, it is very likely that blood will be taken immediately during the first visit - with your consent. Based on your intake interview and the research results that will be discussed in the second consultation a treatment plan will be drawn up.

Intake interview costs

The cost of your first visit, the intake interview, is 180 euros. You will receive the bill by email immediately after the consultation. We normally use a payment period of seven days. Other payment terms are possible in consultation

Laboratory research

Blood, urine, saliva or faeces testing is crucial for discovering the underlying causes of complaints and symptoms. These are usually not reimbursed by the insurer. For saliva tests and stool tests, we provide you with the examination materials so that you can prepare them at home.
The necessity of these examinations is determined on the basis of the intake interview. The total costs of laboratory tests vary and are highly dependent on the severity and complexity of your symptoms. The research costs will be discussed with you during the intake interview. Request a free consultation if you want to know the research costs more specifically. We can make a good estimate based on your symptoms


The second interview: Consult (Discussing your results and treatment plan)

A second interview follows two to three weeks after the intake interview. All research results are discussed with you in this interview. The treatment plan also follows directly from this interview.

The third interview: Consult (Progress)

To discuss your progress, a third appointment will take place one or two months after the second consultation.

Periodic consultation

After the third consultation and depending on your specific health condition, the need for a periodic consultation will be determined together with your practitioner. These periodic consultations usually last from 15 minutes to half an hour.

Consultation costs

Costs of a consultation depend on the amount of time required. Costs for a 15-minute consultation are 40 euros, costs for a half-hour consultation are 70 euros and costs for a one-hour consultation are 125 euros.

Costs of answering emails by a practitioner

The costs for answering emails with substantive questions regarding your treatment are calculated from the hourly rate.

Costs of answering telephone questions by the practitioner

The costs for telephone contact moments with substantive questions regarding your treatment are calculated from the hourly rate.

Cancel appointment

Are you unable to attend? Please inform us 24 hours before the start of the appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours before the start of the appointment, we are forced to charge you the entire consultation price.

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