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Photo by  rawpixel on Unsplash

  • Simple measurement

  • Clear picture of toxicload

  • Price-friendly measurement

  • Direct results

OS "oligo scan"

The Oligoscan determines via spectrophotometry the levels of:

  • 20 minerals and trace elements essential to life

  • 14 toxic, heavy metals including aluminum, mercury  and lead.

How does the Oligoscan work?

Every substance absorbs and emits light of a certain wavelength range.The more concentrated a substance is, the more light is absorbed. This makes quantitative analysis possible.

Spectrophotometry has been used for many years in laboratories, chemistry, biology and industry.
Values of essential elements, such as magnesium, zinc and selenium are mapped within one minute via the Oligoscan.

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The Oligoscan has several, strong advantages over other methods...:

  • Within one minute results via clear reporting

  •  Compared to examination of blood, hair or urine, the Oligoscan measurement is significantly cheaper for the patient.

  • Is not stressful for the body, only a light beam is sent through the skin.

  • Is a tissue measurement unlike most other determinations.

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